rejoicing in a Divine romance. wearing my heart on my sleeve. harmonizing. bleeding on paper. spilling ink. dancing on tabletops. finding beauty in the imperfect. laughing without sound. loving without bounds. living, not existing.

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    Blumarine MFW Spring 2015

    Blumarine brought sheer romance to the runway with its Milan Fashion Week show.

    Silk seemed to be the main fabric used in the range and all the pieces had a floaty, dreamy feel to them.3D dresses like a low-cut number with white lining and sheer black-rimmed flowers only added to the extremely feminine finish of Blumarine’s latest line.

    There were more simplistic offerings too, such as a white pleated skirt paired with a sequined ivory top with three-quarter length sleeves. | via Vogue

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  • "We don’t just need to be rescued from loving the wrong things. We need to be rescued from loving the right things in the wrong way."
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    Versace MFW Spring 2015

    "This is about a fresh new Versace, one that is contemporary, clean and strong. It is the way women wear Versace now, and in the future," she said.

    How else do - or will - Versace women sport their wares? Add to the shimmering series of crystallised numbers (which boasted sheer inserts among their glistening skirts) sporty knits and asymmetric blocks of bold clashing colour (green and red, pink and red), jackets with severity sewn into their seams and lots of dinky midriff-baring crop tops and you have it made.

    It had the hallmarks we wanted (it’s just not a Versace show without the bling and the sexy little dresses), but just as DV promised it came with something new too. ​ | via Vogue

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    *looks at you seductively* *lowers glasses* i can’t see a thing

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  • "



    You have a bad habit of hating yourself, of picking yourself apart until you can stack your flaws 25 Empire State buildings high. You think your favourite explanation of beauty doesn’t exist yet. But it does. You just don’t know it. A Japanese philosophy called wabi-sabi says that beauty exists only in the imperfect & incomplete things.
    So I dare you.


    I dare you to set on fire the sandpaper you used to smooth out your rough edges when boys told you that you weren’t soft enough, to look yourself in the mirror and see your own pupils dilate, to unlearn how to shrink yourself to fit into the palm of anyone’s hand, to spoon feed yourself “I am good enoughs,” to settle down in your own skin and bones because home is where the heart is and sometimes you have to take things literally. Truth is, your heart is a better home than anyone else can give you.

    And when they ask you who you gave your heart to first, I dare you to say the truth.

    I dare you to say: “I am my first love.”

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    do you ever just have that one person you have a tiny subtle little crush on and it’s just never going to go away

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  • -3/5 of lab 3 done
    -I promise I’m not trying to make this anything more than nothing please don’t think otherwise (is this a note to self or to you or to both)
    -I spent 3 hours with you and I can’t see your face

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    I walked through Central Park today

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    "There were so many people I loved and not a single one of them would understand how to pry me open and let me breathe again" 

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  • Anonymous asked : fuck's the beep test???


    lemme tell u the story of my people son

    the first beep goes off and you start off motivated and you feel like you can do this. The 20 metres feel like nothing, as you run, another beep goes forcing you to make it to the opposite side of the gym. The beeps get faster and faster as you cling for air, the children begin to drop. Slowly at first and then all at once. You just pray to god you arent the first to drop off. The beeps get faster and faster till you can take it no more. You go to the side, out of the other peoples way as their legs begin to buckle. You look over and you see the bodies of many lying limp on the floor. Some may even faint and be sent home. And that my son, is the story of the beep test.

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    giving up the gun || vampire weekend

    your swords grown old and rusty
    burnt beneath the rising sun
    it’s locked up like a trophy
    foretting all the things it’s done

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    i simultaneously wish i cared more and less about everyone and everything.

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